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I am an artist, daughter, sister, friend, and lover. I am 33 years old, and from the great state of Texas. I am incredibly blessed to be able to follow my passions in life, making art and spending time with my family. My guy and I (boyfriend is so… 9th grade) live together in a tiny town near Austin, with our two dogs. Lily and Cowboy are so goofy, with their little personalities. But, I’m learning to play, relax and have fun-and Lily is, too! Rogue, a black cat, is the newest addition to our crew and an absolute mess. (Southern slang for unpredictable and a little nuts, but mostly harmless.) Come to think of it, that might apply to me, too!



My BFA Graduation, 2006, with my best painting ever in the background.

I studied chemistry and math for several years, but I decided in 2004 to follow my heart and go out for art school. After graduation in 2006, I have worked and toiled at various ventures primarily in hand knitting and crochet, fiber arts and spinning. I finally landed here, with jewelry design. As a medium, jewelry provides the aesthetic beauty in a painting, with the bonus of wearability.


Selfie, 2014


Making is my passion, jewelry is the flirty part that demands to be shared and seen.

My 2017 Winter Collection was aimed at creating a cohesive line of jewelry that could be mixed, matched and enjoyed one at a time or in combination. I love the traditional look of pearls and crystals thrust into a new role, where each bead can shine. Each piece is designed to be easy to wear while also being unique and artistic.

Thank you so much for your time spent browsing my website. We are always under construction, but just email if you have any questions!

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Whitney Christmas




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